Happy National Hat Day! 15 января в США отмечается день шляпы ( National hat day)

Кто любит праздники, тот всегда найдет повод их отмечать. Сегодня 15 января в США отмечается день шляпы ( National hat day) . Американцы считают, что именно в этот день 15 января в 1797 года торговец шляпами Джеймс Хетерингтон из Лондона появился с цилиндром на голове. Хетерингтону пришлось заплатить штраф и за свой странный вид, и за то, что он нарушил общественный порядок, собрав вокруг себя огромную толпу, поэтому не совсем понятно, что именно празднуют американцы. Прочитай о том как отмечают это праздник и самые необычные факты о ШЛЯПАХ. узнавай новое и практикуй свой английский;) How to Celebrate? Make hats using a variety of materials – yarn, felt, paper, and cloth. Go crazy embellishing it. Wear a hat that you made to work. Have a hat themed party, and have your guests come dressed in hats they have made, decorate the venue with hats and serve hat shaped cupcakes. Host a hat making party. Gather around with your friends with craft supplies and spend an evening designing and making hats. Hold a hat contest, where everyone makes their own hat and whoever has the best and the most creative hat wins. 11 'Hat Facts' You Never Knew Before The process that is used to make felt involved mercury, which is toxic. Prolonged exposure use can cause damage in nervous system, tremors and dementia. That's where the phrase “mad as a hatter” comes from.  In 1920s, there was an odd custom in America: if people wore straw hats after September 15, they were beaten up. The first dunce cap was introduced by (and s named for) medieval theologian John Duns Scotus, who died in 1308. He figured that a conical hat funneled knowledge from God into a head of the 'dunce.' The Fedora was named after the Princess Fedora Romanoff , a character from the play Fédora by French author Victorien Sardou. Those who supply men’s hats are called hatters while those who supply women’s hats are called milliners. Contrary to popular belief, the Vikings never whore horned helmets. French Magician Louis Comte was the first to pull a rabbit from a top hat back in 1814. First record of a hat is in a painting in a cave at Lussac-les-Chateaux in Central France. It reportedly dates back 150,000 years. A Wyoming law prohibits wearing of a hat that obstructs a view in a theater or some other place of amusement. In Fargo, North Dakota, a law that forbids dancing while wearing a hat - under the penalty of jail. There is still a law in Kentucky that forbids a man to buy a ten gallon hat if his wife is not present to assist in choosing a model.